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Welcome to RLCakeDesigns. My name is Randi Leese and I first founded RLCakeDesigns about 23 years ago while I was in high school. Of course, back then I did not realize how my culinary talents would lead me to cake decorating. Early in my career while working at a local bakery I was fascinated at how cake designers incorporated art into baking. It was not long before I realized that I had a natural talent for cake decorating. I began to create my own designs for friends and family. Because of my creative and unique designs, I created fans and clients.

After a brief hiatus to raise my two daughters, I decided to create a Bat Mitzvah cake for my oldest daughter. I was again completely smitten and drawn back into the world of cake decorating. Since then, I have had the pleasure of bringing many clients confectionary dreams to a reality. Each cake is freshly baked with the finest ingredients then lovingly and painstakingly brought to life.

I enjoy using my creativity to design a great cake and my clients always love the finished product. I believe that a fabulous cake should be a focal point to any celebration. It is something that will always be remembered so why not have the best!

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